Instructions for making the videos

1. The video must be up to 2 minutes long.

2. For photographers on the phone: Take pictures laterally (i.e. in “landscape” mode and not in “portrait” mode).

3. The author must ensure that all materials s/he has photographed or used are his/her own or that s/he has obtained legal permissions required for use.

4. English subtitles must be added if the submission is in a language other than English or Hebrew.



Submitting an Entry

Fill out the online form below, and then send the video using one of the options below to:

1. WeTransfer

2. Jumbo Mail

3. Google Drive

4. Dropbox


Videos will not be accepted on WhatsApp.


When sending the video, it is mandatory to indicate the full name of the CONTESTANT and title of the video.

The videos must be received by midnight (Israel time) on October 11, 2020.




Send the Form

Full Name (first name and family name)​

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Thank you for submitting your entry for the competition.


The participation form was received. Now the video must be sent to according to the instructions.

After the videos have been judged by a professional committee, it will be decided which films will be uploaded to the dedicated YouTube site and which of those, will be awarded the prizes.


Good Luck!



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CONTESTANT’s Personal Information

Online Participation Form

I hereby declare:

1. All rights to the video and the materials therein belong to me or I have obtained permission for their use.

2. I undertake and confirm that the video, including any sections thereof used for trailers and PR, will be contain no technical faults or other problems which prevent it from streaming smoothly on all the platforms that may be used for the Habayitah-Homeward project.

3. I am aware that this is a contest and that the video I submit might not be selected to participate in the Habayitah-Homeward project.

4. I have read the competition rules and I agree to the terms.

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