Competition Rules


HaBayitah-Homeward international competition rules for short videos up to 120 seconds long



1. Purpose of the competition: The competition invites creators from all over the world to produce and submit short art videos of up to 120 seconds in length, which address the concept of Homeward/Home. The films will be screened, broadcast and presented in any framework in accordance with the decision of the competition management.


2. Participants in the competition [CONTESTANTS]: The competition is open to anyone who produces an artistic and original video which meets the technical requirements as specified in these regulations, regardless of gender, religion, experience or educational background. (Entries may be created together by families and/or other groups without regard to age of members participating in the group.) CONTESTANTS, those who submit entries to the competition, must be at least 18 years old.


3. The films will be submitted via the competition website according to the technical requirements below, after submitting the entry form via the dedicated link. It is the responsibility of each CONTESTANT to ensure that his/her film is submitted as required.


CONTESTANTS must submit a completed entry form (see below), after which they may submit the film file via the competition website, in accordance with the technical requirements listed.


4. The films selected for inclusion in the project may be shown, screened or broadcast in various formats around the world, as individual works, or as part of a combination of several works together. The Cotestant retains intellectual property rights to his/her work and appropriate credit will be given wherever the film, in part or in full, is used. The Cotestant agrees and irrevocably grants permission  to the management of the competition to use his/her work in accordance with the above purpose and in accordance with the decisions of the management. This includes all potential uses of the film, including but not limited to,  public relations, events, screenings and broadcasts related to the competition. This also includes distribution of the work and all elements contained in the work including, but not limited to music, text, art design, graphics, choreography, etc., by any means of screening or broadcast throughout the world.


5. The CONTESTANT is aware and agrees that in the competition and screening of the films participating in the competition, his/her work may be combined with other works in a screening or long broadcast sequence, in accordance with the decision of the competition management and the framework in which the films will be screened and /or broadcast and/or as part of the public relations campaign for the project.


6. The competition management is not obligated to accept for the competition any film or work submitted. The Competition Committee will perform a preliminary selection and a secondary selection of the works submitted. Only works that pass the preliminary selection will be included in the competition, and will be used in accordance with the regulations. Works that do not pass the selection will not participate in the final round of the competition - will not be uploaded to the competition website and will not be used by the competition management. The management of the competition does not undertake to provide or publish reasons for the rejection or acceptance of any entries.


7. The Awards Committee will consist of judges, filmmakers, artists and others, from Israel and around the world, in accordance with the decisions of the competition management. The Committee is not obligated to explain or publish any of its considerations or selections.


8. Prizes: The three best entries, as determined by the Awards Committee, will be awarded the first three places in the competition. Prizes to the winning CONTESTANTS will be awarded to the CONTESTANTS.  Prizes are as follows: First Prize $3,000, Second Prize $2,000 and Third Prize $1,000. The five films with the most “likes” on the YouTube channel, up to a date determined by the competition management, will win US $500 each. The judges' decisions will be final, and cannot be appealed.


9. Technical requirements for photography, recording, editing and submission of works to the competition:

a. Each film will be submitted as a single high quality file, with clear and clean sound.

b. CONTESTANTS must add English subtitles to the film if the film was not shot in English or Hebrew.

c. The finished films, from first frame to last frame, including titles, etc., will not exceed 120 seconds in length.


10. Participation in the competition at all stages will be the responsibility of the CONTESTANT. The CONTESTANT declares that he/she holds all the permissions and copyrights associated with the work, and that in the creation of the work and in its submission to the competition, there is no violation of the laws of the country in which it was created. In any case of a claim submitted in connection to a work submitted to the competition, the film's participation in the competition will be canceled and/or the award will be canceled, and all claims and damages will be charged to the CONTESTANT.


11. The competition management may change the rules of the competition at its discretion, and even cancel the competition if necessary, without any claim on the part of those who apply to the competition and its participants. In this case, the use of films and works submitted to the competition will not be used in any venue or framework.


12. Submitting the video and completing the registration form constitutes approval and consent to the rules of the competition as specified in the regulations.


13. It is FORBIDDEN to purchase views and 'likes' for the purpose of the competition. Violators will be disqualified.